The Civil War and the Confederate flag: A Rant.

I’ve been looking around tumblr about the civil war and I must say there is an amazing amount of ignorance.

"The civil war was a war about slaves! The south was evil, and anyone who is proud of that is evil!!"

No. The civil war was about states rights.

"Yeah! The right to own slaves!"

No. The right to slaves just happened to be the last straw that pushed many states that heavily relied on slave labor to keep it’s economy going into war with the North. While over 90% of the south did not own slaves, let me repeat, 90% of southerners did NOT own slaves, the threat of more “Northern Aggression” directed at the heavily Democratic south was too much for the common man to handle. 

The North did not decide one day that “hey, slavery is bad guys!” and the evil south was so upset about having to respect black men it said fuck off and went to war.

The north had been shitting on the south for years, denying them a central railroad, raising tariffs on only Northern products and generally being a dick to the south. The anger felt by most of the southern states was not anger losing slaves, it was about being kicked around by the federal government who favored the north.

I’m not going to say that the south should have won, because I’m glad it didn’t. I hope the south will NEVER rise again or the west or the central or any part of America. What I am saying though is there was a lot more to the civil war then slaves, and hating someone who flies the rebel flag for being proud of where they came from is being stupid and ignorant. There was more justified reason for the south to want to break away from the union then the union breaking away from England.

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